10 October, 2008

decisions, decisions

i made the bundt cake for thursday. it was very good. i think i'll have fun with the new pan.

my morning started with my annual (and i've actually gone two years in a row!!) physical. it is a lovely day so charlie and i walked when i got home. i should probably mow today because it is supposed to turn cold and rainy for the weekend.

this is where the decisions come in...
tim is leaving for fort dodge early in the morning. he has a meeting in lincoln on tuesday and he sometimes extends the trip to include fd when he's already on that side of the state. so the house is mine for the next few days and i have many options to fill my time this weekend. i have garden club stuff to work on, garden stuff to work on. i want to bake bread. some sewing, a couple craft projects. why not go to kearney or north platte for some shopping?? plus the standard weekend cleaning, laundry etc. a responsible, productive use of my time. the other side of the coin is sleep in, finish the daniel silva. i have another book started that is calling my name even now. and i brought the new john lecarre home. what's a girl to do???

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Valerie said...

Oh my gosh...no contest! Read, read, read!