20 October, 2008

movie material??

i generally don't read sets/series back to back but made an exception with appaloosa and resolution. someone at work had commented on the scarcity of dialogue in appaloosa, wondering how it could be made into a movie. so i decided to read it. if you happen to like your cowboy (pictures) long, lean and taciturn this could work just fine. it will be interesting to see what they've done with it.


Valerie said...

I will be passing through the Houston airport en route to Wales this week. I am allowing myself to buy one book of fiction for the trip. What do you recommend?

downthegardenpath said...

silks is a light,easy read. a most wanted man is more serious. appaloosa/resolution are just too fast. american lightening is non fiction but reads fictionish - a fascinating look at the intersection of names and events during a little known (to me) time of formative thinking in american history. or a choice of your own let me know what you come up with. and enjoy wales - will you have time for anything beyond work??

Valerie said...

Thanks for the information. I actually will have an entire day to myself before the other directors arrive! I am looking forward to being out and about in Bangor. But reading material is a must as I fly Merida-Houston-Newark-Manchester, Eng. (Think frequent flyer miles for that ticket to Paris!) Then a 3 hour train ride to Bangor.