31 August, 2009

a giveaway!!

i was thinking this morning about recruiting naphtali for a giveaway when i ran across this: they are giving away a bike each week. click on the picture and follow their directions.
Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes">
talk about getting to work in style!!


Secondstreetdesigns said...

wait a second- are you going to compete ith me for the bike drawing??? I told James we needed to spread it out- he goes next week, you the next, etc.

bethany said...

Whoa...these bikes are amazing. I promise I won't compete, but I'm definitely hoping you win once, so we all get to see it in action!!

downthegardenpath said...

i never win anything so there is no risk involved in us all having our name in the hat this once....you and james can figure out a system.

bethany - i think you would look too cute tooling around campus on one of those machines!! go ahead, compete!!