30 August, 2009

wrapping up

this picture was taken this morning:
i still have daisies blooming!! here they are sandwiched between one of my lavendars and anemone in the background.

and here's charlie never-too-far-from-my-side keeping me company, waiting for his bath.

thursday night, friday and saturday our local garden club hosted a symposium. when i returned home saturday night i found my kitchen scattered across 2 rooms and a new window!! tim spent his time replacing our least favorite window bringing the total since june to 6!! it has become a fairly standard project by this time. he'll get the inside finished in the course of this next week. normally i've moved furniture and un-hung pictures and curtains to allow him to just waltz in and do his thing so this was a complete surprise!! a very welcome surprise.

for those preparing to be a flower show judge there are several hoops to jump and symposium is one of them. students are gathered, instructors provided and designs built and displayed for instruction (and testing) on how to judge them. i'm not working towards 'judgeship' but found the time well spent. if i know what they're looking for i'm better equipped to enter a prize-winning design or horticulture specimen. right??
of course, i find it fascinating to see the behind-the-scenes scenes too. the amount of stuff they accumulate and haul is mind boggling!!
our club provided 2 lunches and an amazing amount of snacks considering there were 30 or so little old ladies.....we had a delicious lasagne friday and a variety of salads on saturday. we each brought a batch of muffins (i made pumpkin) and a batch of cookies or bars. the kitchen work is always fun.
being away from the house for those 2 days means that my standard weekend routine is compressed to fit today..... so , of course, let's add extras like weeding several flower beds, potting a couple planters, cleaning the shower head, a bath for charlie.
all i have left is my ironing and i'm headed that way right now.

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