24 August, 2009

last week

we had the most delightful hint of fall in the air. outside projects became possible. baking was not only acceptable but irresistible. getting dressed became interesting again. (i hate the heat-driven dressing for survival mode)
one of the projects involved -one of my personal favorites- the removal of grass. neither tim nor i enjoy mowing. in fact, we hate it. but it has to be done. in previous years we've found ways to share the task: front yard/backyard, every other time, trade for cooking. this year (bless his heart)he's doing it all. i contribute by occasionally digging up grass to create a new flower bed thus reducing the amount of mowing that has to be done. the maple tree in the back yard has some protruding roots that i decided to protect from the mower with a four foot circle of mulch.

the tree

the tools(impressed by the high tech gear??)

the first cut

yes, all my sod has been cut by hand. and on this job, at the end it was both of us on hands and knees, fistful by fingerfuls as we pulled it from between roots.


some day i'll figure out how to chronicle the in-between steps but for now once i'm in the midst of the work with dirty hands, wanting nothing more than to finish, 'photo op' just doesn't spring to mind. i'm lucky if i remember to take before and after shots.....

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Anonymous said...

ah, mais c'est joli chez vous, ma chère, et quelles belles fleurs!