08 August, 2009

why is it....

indian paintbrush

blanket flower

i have, as yet, identified very few of my wild flowers due, in part, to a busy week but more to an attitude* that needs adjustment.

wild flowers fascinate me. they're not tended or nurtured. they thrive in less than ideal conditions. the ephemeral nature of their brilliant colors, their pollens and nectars that support so many other creatures in the chain are part of their appeal. scattered through a roadside ditch or across a mountain embankment they will garner oohs and aaahs of countless travelers who will never know their names.

i plan to identify the photos i took in wyoming. i further plan to teach myself to compose a power point presentation with them. *this is where the aforementioned attitude comes into play: why do we ('we' rather that 'i' because in conversation with others i find this is a fairly common reaction) relegate an honest learning opportunity, a new skill set, to our 'free' time rather than giving it full front-and-center status as a reasonable application of our time and attention. my work day has ended but is the laundry done? the cleaning?? was i supposed to bake for tomorrow's meeting?? there are so many legitimate demands on our time - can i invest this time in this project now?? how often have we said 'i'll save that for a day when i have nothing to do'? how often has that day come??

are our perceptions of responsible productivity genetic?? why the guilt??

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