04 August, 2009

a layered day

today was one of those layered days and i'm not comparing it to the yummy triple layer ginger angel food with lemon and toasted coconut cake that i served to the garden club this afternoon.....
we started our day with an automated phone call with a severe weather warning at 1:10 am. the program sounds soooo good on paper and my friend and i both registered. then the calls actually began. i have since gone back to the site to un-register, a process they say can take 4-6 weeks. i'll probably try again.
charlie and i took a walk.
i squeezed my lemons, made my goop, cut and assembled the cake (baked last night), did some last minute cleaning, ran to the grocery store, stopped to price a bracelet that had been calling out to me since my sister's visit, learned that it had been calling in vain, tried on my new boots (again), added the boot box to the garbage, etc etc etc.
i did'nt have time to check my email.
garden club happened, the cake was a hit, the dishes were cleared off and everyone in the business of leaving when i received a compliment on my hair. and for the first time ever in local ears i admitted that i was preparing for a trip this fall and needed to do my hair sans appliances and so had been practicing with a new look. (you know how a haircut looks best after about 2 weeks?? looks perfect for about 2 days?? then is suddenly, overnight too long?? in the last few days i've had several compliments on this particular cut which i got at the beginning of july.) paris. in november. with my sister. for two weeks.
i checked my email.
paris is off. i reread several times hoping i had somehow misread but no it was there everytime. paris isn't going to happen.
one of the responsibilities of a rational adult is having to admit in the face of disappointing news that this is not the worst thing to happen to me today or any other day. so let's just say i was bummed. yes, let's just say that.
in the discussion of the day's events with tim he did ask if i would continue to wear my hair like this 'cuz he likes it. and he finally understood the lowlights transitioning to gray concept and he's on board with that! (i've always hated the time and expense, the bondage, of trying to stay blonde and was planning -again with an eye toward paris- to just be done with it!! (i am at heart a low maintenance kind of gal and find myself surrounded with jars and tubes and formulas that i never would have forseen and do limit. but my advice is moisturize!! every morning. every night. every chance. and watch the sun. really.)
like i said - certainly not a candidate for 'worstdayofmylife' status.
my husband likes my hair. i have a home. a good dog. we're both healthy and working. (tim and i not charlie and me) the boots will look great where ever i wear them. and my itsy-bitsy, half price, half alive hydrangea bloomed.
bonne mercredi!!


Secondstreetdesigns said...

mom- i am so bummed for you! you will have to fill me in.

Valerie said...

Even though I have had time to adjust to the cancelation of the trip, seeing your words in print and knowing all the time and energy that went in to planning the trip brought tears to my eyes. "Bummed" does not even come close to describing how I feel.

downthegardenpath said...

the understatement of 'bummed'was intentional. and while i bask in your sympathy let's take a quick reread and appreciate the ironies and subtle humor that threads its way through this post. n'cest pas?

annechovie said...

Hope you have a lovely weekend - thanks for stopping by and visiting me!