11 September, 2009

have i mentioned

that charlie is never too far from my side??

here we are enjoying the morning view while catching up on my favorite blogs.

i wish i could show you the picture through the windows - the morning view - but it always comes out funny. i do keep trying though and some day will show you just why i love to sit here each day.

i spoke with aidan wednesday night about his first day of school - thursday - and he went on at quite some length about the container that would keep his hot food hot and cold food cold. i loved it. first days are soooo important.
yesterday was my 'first day' back in the fall routine of closing the library at 8 rather than 6:00. and like aidan food was a primary consideration...
what should i take for my supper??
as a general rule i don't do convenience foods. (we all know how 'general rules' work. there are exceptions. pre-cooked bacon?? bien sur!!) the schwan's man comes to the library every 2 weeks and my coworkers all order regularly. i smile and chat. until the day last spring when i fell for the idea of mashed potatoes on demand. tim and i don't eat enough potatoes to even keep 5 pounds in the house without spoiling/losing half of them so i just don't buy them. (he keeps a bag of shoestrings in the freezer for his potato fix)

my lunch bag, a container for my supper and the 'fixings' for a good batch of mashed potatoes. i find about 1/2 their recommended serving size is enough for me. i mix in a little cheese and enjoy!! yesterday i threw in a slice of roast beef and frozen peas (which stay crisp) and feasted on a hot meal!!

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bethany said...

You can never, never go wrong with Schwans! Haven't had their mashed potatoes, but I might have to try now that they're Ilona-approved. It would be so much easier than peeling, boiling, mashing that it takes to make my own!