22 September, 2009


i'm giving you an old colorado picture because i didn't take any pictures this past weekend and i know many people who really need a picture in every post....

for the last 5 (?? how is that possible??) years we have spent the 3rd weekend of september hiking in colorado with our daughter, son-in-law and eventually our grandson. due to aidan starting school this year we rearranged and went to wyoming in july. charlie and i did head north to the kahl's for the funeral of a dear woman, a family friend, on saturday.

left here before 7am friday. left there around 9am sunday.
i saw aidan's school. chuckled at the continuing saga of a boy who desperately wants to sleep with a dog who just as desperately doesn't....
visited with some old friends and enjoyed the companionship of family. but i missed seeing the aspens and elk.
we are home today with slashing rain, a north wind and 50 degrees. tim is in lincoln 'til thursday afternoon. we slept in this morning, i've already cleaned the freezer and bagged some pasta sauce. i have tomatoes simmering to go into the freezer after while, a closet project waiting for me and the siren song of several neglected books thrumming in the background.
when i realized tim was going to be gone i marked these dates to do the seasonal closet assessment. i've been looking forward to it. it needs to be done and i was excited to tackle the project. but who wants to spend a shivery day getting in and out of clothes for several hours?? so i'm modifying my plans. garments will be sorted and piled. adjectives applied and decisions made. there are things i don't need to try on to know that ,yes, this time they are going. i will take my dog, blankie and book and do some serious couch time. isn't that what rainy days are for??

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Check it out- her cups look like the cups we found at the Unique this weekend.