26 September, 2009

old things new

this little 'box' used to be a purse belonging to my mother.
it sits on a 'shelf' in my office that used to be
(well, technically still is)
a stereo speaker turned on its side.

it holds odds and ends of stationary for me.


bethany said...

This used to be a purse? How cool! I love your little revamp on it :)

downthegardenpath said...

thanks! it was a summer purse. can you see it with a flowered frock?? i'm a pushover for containers, not baskets so much, but cute/interesting boxeschestsetc to stash who-knows-what. part of it stems from wanting to have essential materials close at hand but not just all over the place and part of it is simply liking the look of organized clutter and part of it is trying to find practical justification for things i simply like!! there will be more....

bethany said...

Hehe...I would love to see that with a flowered frock :)

And I'm the same way, too! Piles look less like "clutter" when they're nicely stacked in cute boxes...and I dislike having to run all across the house to try to find that one little item that's tucked away. Why not put adorable things to good use? :)

Also-loved your comment on my post. You always know someone is a true local (or has a daughter as a local!) when they know to refer to that area as 'the cities'. :) I remember one of my faraway friends being so very, very confused at my use of the term 'the cities'.

downthegardenpath said...

in the course of small talk with one whom i thought was a denizen of the cities i asked how long he had lived in the cities. he drew himself to his full height (about5'4") and said "i'm from st.paul"