06 July, 2008

you know the old saying

every dog has his day?? well, this was not charlie's...

the sun is shining, we are home for the day but we are not playing outside. (big sigh)

he waited while i did some sewing on kate's renaissance costume,
he watched tim working in the main basement,

and did his best to stay out of everyones's way. the sun will shine another day and he and i did get some outside time. and he went for several rides in the jeep. and he had drippings from the steak we grilled tonight. why is he pouting?? tim and i both had a very productive weekend. i had told people that my holiday plans included sleeping in and no laundry. we were up LATE thursday night watching movies and at 7:15 the next morning i hear the tender voice of my dear husband whispering in my ear "i hate to do this but i need to get that work done in the attic before it gets hot. are you ready to help me??" oh well. (i did sleep in this morning) we spent friday morning fishing wires in and out of walls and carrying sheetrock downstairs as tim built a closet in the middle of the basement. when it's done i'll have 2 new walls, plug-ins galore, storage space and - the real purpose for this project - hidden pipes from bathroom renovation!! kate's costume is ready to be returned. i made a few more leaves, got another batch painted, did some sewing for myself, got my ironing done, sheets went on the line...

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