09 July, 2008

did i hear that right??!!

naphtali left on her road trip early monday morning. early monday morning. i had a dentist appointment at 8:00 (they must have caught me on a veerrrrry good day to make that appointment) and ran a couple more errands while i was downtown. so i get home about 10:30 and find a message on the machine from naphtali. i asked charlie: "did i hear that right?? did she say she hit a bear??" we were both pretty sure that's what she said. and of course i couldn't make a connection with her so it was evening before tim confirmed that he had talked to her and yes - she hit a bear. it sounds like it kind of bounced and rolled across the whole length of the car leaving dents and fur...she was surprised at how long its legs were and how fast it could run. she kept going. she was crossing the erie canal when i talked to her yesterday and on schedule for supper in norwich with jacob and kate.

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Stacy said...

Thanks Ilona! It's fun to hear from you! I can't believe that Napht hit a bear - crazy!!!