24 July, 2008

farmer's market

well, we watched the sign on the bank go from 100 to 99, back to 100...

this is a sampling of my wares. i did sell a few pieces today. the guy in the booth next to me is going to keep his eye open for big leaves for me.
the sales were acceptable, the contacts good.
people know me from the library and it was fun to chat with them in a different context. one offered me rhubarb leaves. a couple others have their eye on a leaf and will get back to me...
we were there for 2 hours and the sign said 97 as i drove away. all in all a good day.


Valerie Grimsley said...

Dear Ilona,

I know, I know...long time no hear, but I do read your blog faithfully. I love the new bathroom and your leaf project. In fact, I love all of your gardening stories. I have taken a vow to NOT order books via the internet because shipping to Mexico costs more than the books, but I admit when I look at your reading list, my fingers start twitching to type in http: amazon.com.

The reason I am finally writing today was for two reasons. First, I do remember vividly the hibiscus in our hotel rooms. They also looked so Mexican and welcoming. Plus I always appreciate the extra effort the cleaning staff makes in spite of their heavy, and usually unrewarding, work duties.

The second reason is the result of an idea sparked by the title of a blog several days ago: Mon Accoutrements. How would you like to go to Paris sometime in 2009 or even 2010? Surely we must have something we can celebrate! We could take a tour (check out my travel guru at ricksteves.com) or we could do it ourselves. Although I get a lovely 6 weeks of vacation a year, I can only travel when there are no students which could mean from early December to mid-January. (Don't laugh...there is lots to see and do in spite of the cold and nothing is more Parisian than wearing a fabulous coat and scarf in Paris. And no tourists!) Other options are July/August. If it is summer, we could travel to the lavender fields in the south of France, check out the wonderful gardens in both the city and the countryside. Anyway, just a thought. Think about it.

I am taking my first baby steps towards setting up a blog because I enjoy yours and Naphtali's so much. I have finally learned how to use my digital camera and how to transfer my photos to my computer. Seems like a blog is the next logical step.

Hope all is well with you.


Secondstreetdesigns said...

do you need a nurse on your trip?

Valerie said...

A nurse might just come in handy. You would, however, have to find a friend to as a travel partner. Traveling with 4 is much easier. We are still in the dreaming stages...feel free to dream along.