19 July, 2008

the piles are gone!

Naphtali had questioned our ability(?) to amass enough stuff for our own yard sale. could she possibly be serious??
we scheduled the sale for 8 - 12 because i didn't want to tie up a whole day. we did pretty well. i wasn't quick enough to get a picture until after the first several items had left the yard. and if i'd been thinking i would have taken a picture of the back end of the jeep loaded with the leftovers. tim came out - the british open was on this morning - promptly at 12, ready to box up the flotsam and haul it away.

tim was the instigator for this event and was very helpful in getting things ready. he went through his workroom, garage etc, did his own marking, ferried things up stairs and most important - posted the signs. he did his turn as attendant. and made the goodwill run when it was all over.

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