01 July, 2008

rambling along

i don't know what pictures to add. the weeds i pulled all weekend? the cookies i baked for garden club?? - mrs. bylsma's sugar cookies. the huge rhubard leaf i cast last night?? after it's painted i will show you my stockpile. charlie?? the stories about him just aren't that interesting. although i was able to squeeze in a reference at the eye doctor's last week: he apologetically said something about personal space issues during the exam and i replied that i have a golden retriever so my boundary issues have been redefined over the past couple years.
eye exam?? does that mean.....?? yes, i have new glasses. complete with variable lenses. this is my economic stimulus rebate at work in our 'hometown'. i brought 3 pair home for tim's opinion - oyvey. he wasn't going to be responsible for picking a frame. i didn't ask him to - i just want an opinion, feedback. he wasn't going to take time to go down and choose a pair for me. good, you're not invited. i just want an OPINION - too heavy?? good color?? nice shape?? no opinion. anything i choose will be fine. i did finally get him to admit that he didn't like the color i was working with - guess what - that's an opinion!! so the next day i went back and started over...tried on a couple more frames and then got that 'ooh this one' reaction that i'd been waiting for. in addition to correcting my vision what benefits do i derive from these little scraps of plastic?? i now have a 'bottomless' bottle of eyeglass cleaner!! (which they may live to regret offering) i have extra incentive to apply myself (with diligence) to type without looking at the keyboard!! it will be great for my posture - chin up!! shoulders back!! and i can get a second pair -any thing - for 50%!! which i think i will do after living with these a couple weeks. just brought them home today...and tim likes them. charlie still recognizes me.
it's hot today. i may go cast a few leaves later. or not. i've heard from the dept of revenue - my sales tax permit is on its way. my stall is reserved for the farmer's market - starts july 17. i'm planning just july and august. my boss has scheduled me for mornings on those thursdays. i have a stockpile. in addition to the leaves i've done a few tic tac toe boards, a shell, a couple man-in-the-moons, which i think are adorable. i have a few other novelty shapes in mind......so we'll see how it all goes. and it's given me a need to create a smallish notebook (for lack of a more fitting term) to keep receipts and such. i looked and couldn't find what i want so i'll make one. and business cards. and a clipboard. and a sign. (One of the requirements is a sign with posted prices. i suppose it eliminates the impulse to change the charge according to how we little we dislike a person...) obviously i'm just in this for the accoutrements....

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