14 July, 2008

stella d'oro

tops the list of lillies in our yard this week.

these were already here when we bought the house. i've moved and regrouped them. i have another batch further along the fence.

the cana lillies are new. i'll probably have to dig these bulbs this fall - good thing there are only 6!! they are so elegant looking.

compared to last weekend's frenetic pace these last 2 days have ben very tame!! we both accomplished what we set out to do - but the lists were much shorter. much shorter. i have my business cards, price lists etc ready to go for thursday's debut at the farmer's market. the yard sale pile is steadily growing for next saturday. we have a new junction box and power to all the lovely outlets we installed last weekend. the walls are up and ready for paint. when i finish on the computer i'm going to stash something in the new closet!!

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