01 March, 2009

green thumb

tim has become the plant guy at work. he has repotted and protected a variety of left-over funeral plants from root bind and well meaning staff. he waters, trims, tends. yesterday he brought home this small basket containg 7 separate plants.

after a quick hunt for empty pots they were split, potted and ready to go. tim will be in omaha for most of the week so i've promised not to kill them while he's gone.

i finished the reader last night and have to say that it ranks right up there with kite runner for disappointing protagonist.


rinse repeat said...

hello :)

glad to hear that i didn't miss out on anything by not seeing the reader! also, it looks like your household possesses a green thumb...oh, i'd so kill for that skill!

downthegardenpath said...

who knows - maybe the movie is more satisfying than the book?