07 March, 2009

books for a lazy saturday morning

temporary. permanent.

books that were given to me. books that have been snagged from the library. checked out from our local library. shared from another library. picked up second hand.

books for me, for children, for guests, for reference, for the sheer pleasure of owning them.

books that have been judged by their covers.
books that have been recommended. books that will never be read. books that will become lifelong friends.

and i will continue to bring them home. some i will pass along to others who will give them new homes and uses. some, i'm sorry to say, will end up at the goodwill to take their chances waiting for the right owner to claim them.


Secondstreetdesigns said...

at least they are not in piles all around your house..... i have been in homes like that where you have to walk through a maze of books to get anywhere.

downthegardenpath said...

i couldn't take that either. the bench in the hallway is really my weak spot. it's too easy to dump things there when we come in and one of us isn't so good about coming back to put them away later. but if they weren't dumped there it would be someplace else so i guess that works for me. everyone needs a dump site by the door.