23 March, 2009

another spring rite

who among us doesn't switch purses as the seasons change?? i have a purse and the bag (and i'm very picky about both) i carry to work which has to be large enough for papers, books, magazines, my lunch,whatever. so several weeks ago i switched my work bag for this nifty creation from second street designs.

it's roomy, springy and fun to carry. i actually decided to use it as my purse over the weekend which means i'm on the hunt for a different work bag (naphtali are you paying attention??)

with biking weather around the corner (some corner, some where) i'm going to need something with a longer strap - a messenger bag. hopefully i can get by until our visit to the cities the first weekend in april.


Secondstreetdesigns said...

the green and blue fabric? does it need a flap? or open like an envelope?

downthegardenpath said...

yes, the blue/green/gold(?). yes it needs a flap and at least 2 inside pockets. and large enough for papers etc. i need to be able to carry it to work while on my bike. thanks.