19 March, 2009

no introduction needed.....

my first grandson.

aidan can cover several
'firsts' by himself. the first grandchild - on either side- first grandson, first in our family to attend a chinese immersion school, and

the first serious competition tiger will face.

i had plans for a photo shoot with my tulips this morning for tomorrow's first day of spring entry - but it's raining! i have tulip shoots up about 4 inches and daffodils just starting to break ground while others in town have gleefully reported daffodils in full bloom. we'll just have to see what tomorrow brings.


Anonymous said...

I am surprised that you allowed someone to actually take your picture for your blog. Hmm...they say women do get bolder as they get older

downthegardenpath said...

bolder. better. bossier. take your pick - somedays they're interchangeable.