15 March, 2009


one last entry to finish this train of thought....

i am (as naphtali once pointed out to me)somewhat of a snob when it comes to my reading material. i avoid book club selections. i do in fact judge books by their covers. i couldn't tell you what is one the best-seller list from anyone's paper. every now and then, in an un-looked-for place, i'll stumble across an article dealing with favorite books of ...someone and i'll file away any interesting titles. certain patrons will come in to the library and ask if we can get a particular book from another library for them. you run it through the system, find that there are 27 libraries in the country that own it and i can hardly resist taking a look when it comes in! (i have one home now!) so gatsby was on my list. the concrete blonde, mr bridge, mrs bridge, and of course (on my son-in-law's recommendation) atlas shrugged along with a handful of others that i'd like to work my way through in the next couple months. just in time for the summer reading lists to be posted.

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