25 January, 2009

winter wonderland

we've always liked walking in snow and have had few opportunities to indulge this year. so today, with a couple inches of fresh snow on the ground, no wind (a key factor) and a few flakes still swirling, we ventured out to enjoy the morning. there is something about the muffled stillness of a snowfall. the crunch underfoot. the camraderie that is so different from a stroll together any other time of year. we met a few people cleaning sidewalks but pretty much had the place to ourselves.

this week tim will step into his own presidental shoes as he represents this region of the state for nebraska health care association meetings in lincoln. they have a meet & greet scheduled with the state legislators for wednesday night. and because he's 1/2 way there he'll swing up to fd on friday night/saturday. so it will make for a long week for all of us. charlie and i will have plenty to occupy us at home while he's gone.

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