11 January, 2009

easily distracted

saturday was a good day. the wind howled ferociously all day and snug inide i accomplished all the things i had in mind for that particular set of hours. tim and charlie ran some errands and at one point i found myself completely distacted by a pot of flowers that i promptly re-potted in the middle of my cleaning. you can see the cord to the vaccuum running along side of my mess.

it took the aid of a cutting mat to hold the marbles in place while i inserted the glass into the bigger jar and several hours later i undid the whole thing.
oh well.

it was also my mother's birthday so i spent some time on the phone with her. happy birthday, mom.

tim did the cooking that night and i only have these 2 skewers to bear silent testimony to the incredible shrimp we inhaled. jumbo shrimp, grilled to succulent perfection with just a hint of heat courtesy of a thai garlic sauce. they were as lovely as they were tasty and i didn't even think of pictures until it was too late. so when he bounded back into the kitchen calling where's the foil??!! i thought where's the camera!!??

he cored an apple, stuffed in some butter, brown sugar and cinnamon wrapped it in foil and set it on the fading coals for about 1/2 hour. i told him not to unwrap it until i was there and ready to record the event. he rolled his eyes but he did give me my cue when the time came. mmmm the picture doesn't even begin to do it justice. so tasty. just enough for the 2 of us to enjoy.


Valerie said...

God knows you do not need any help in distracting yourself, and it is funny how I still get that "Just finish the damn dusting" rage rush whenever you talk about distractibility, but let me help you out a little here with this website: http://pucesdevanves.typepad.com/

Enjoy and let's add this to the list of places to see a year from now.

downthegardenpath said...

mercifully, i don't remember any of that. i'll check the website later and get back to you.

Valerie said...

Ilona, I responded to your inability to connect to the Martha link using what I had posted in my blog. Check it out.

Were you able to connect to the Paris flea market site?

downthegardenpath said...

certainment. every saturday and sunday rain or shine.

Valerie said...

Let's hope for shine.