19 January, 2009

poor tim

as per his request there is nothing sweet in the house. generally i keep a bag of walmart smiley-face fruit snacks in the cupboard but it's cold turkey time at the jordison's. (i do have granola bars and a batch of honey glazed almonds is available) i knew he was having trouble with the adjustment having watched him stand in front of the open cupboard several times over the weekend. the desperation finally registered when i realized just how deep he was digging in there as i heard him ask "you have nyquil?" and "what would you do with marshmallow creme?" so i offered to make him something and with a hunk of fresh ginger in the house (we'd had garlic and ginger shrimp for supper saturday -mmm)we decided on gingerbread. "it means i'll have to get whipping cream." i have to say i was disappointed. the cake was dry and i was expecting this pop of flavor with the fresh ginger. it was good- but i would tweak the recipe a bit before using it again. tim ate a couple pieces. and it didn't stop me from topping it with yogurt and fresh bluberries for breakfast this morning.

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