01 January, 2009

today's top story

tragedy was once more averted in gothenburg by the fast thinking of johnny-on-the-spot resident tim jordison. jordison, as readers may remember, was recently credited
with the prevention of a house fire. at approximately 5:30 this morning jordison's morning routine was interrupted by the smell of natural gas and a persistent rushing noise.
after a quick survey of his premises jordison looked outside to discover a car parked against the light post on the opposite corner with the gas meter in the street. he called 911 and asked his sleeping wife if she hadn't wondered about the noise and odor. she replied that it was a holiday and she was asleep. local police responded promptly and notified the gas company, a tow truck, and fire department.

after con-sultation the car was pulled away from the scene to allow utility personnel to assess the situation. it was discovered that the pipe was intact, though broken off below the shut-off valve, and could be plugged until permanent repairs could be made.
neighbors gathered outside to watch the pro-ceedings. our thanks to the gothenburg emergency personnel for their prompt and professional action. and to mr. jordison, whose wife is still lamenting the loss of a holiday sleep-in, for his alert response.

happy new year to all.


Valerie said...

Wow..Gothenburg is a dangerous place! No sign of the driver of said vehicle?

downthegardenpath said...

they ran the plates but the majority of us will have to wait til the paper comes out on wednesday. although if i call the library they may have already heard the scuttle...
do you have definite dates/plans for that trip in feb?? i'd like to come over, if i can catch you at mom's or andrea's. let me know so i can get it on the calendar at work.

Valerie said...

I forgot to congratulate you earlier for being there with your camera. Your faithful readers appreciate visuals.

I hope you can make the trip. I arrive in Des Moines on 2/13 around 4:00 and will rent a car for the duration. I plan to see Barb that night and will then head to FD early Saturday morning. Andrea is now thinking about coming back to Merida with me for a short vacation if she can make that work; if that happens, I will not go to Mason City. I plan to stay in FD until Monday morning. I have to be in Pella Monday evening through Saturday, returning to Merida on Sunday, Feb. 22.

Secondstreetdesigns said...

wow. Tim is a true hero. And did you get my message? any thoughts?

downthegardenpath said...

got your message and ihave thoughts all day long and sometimes into the night.