26 January, 2009


of modern technology!!
naphtali here is a picture of the hooks from ikea. as you can see they are 3" long and gunmetal grey. if you could please grab me a package the next time you go i'd really appreciate it. thanks.

tell aidan i had fun talking to him on the phone. you, too!! looking forward to the pictures of your latest find. thanks again.

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Secondstreetdesigns said...

where on earth were they at IKEA? I probably won't have to go for awhile now, b/c I found what I needed for the TV at the trhift store.

Maybe Dad should bring Iva up for a visit this weekend. He did that last year about this time, and one night is just perfect for her. :) SHe bought me that nice mattress pad so she really should get to try it.