25 April, 2008

mixed bag

tulips, hyacinth, daffodils, even my christmas cactus is blooming!! we've had rain - my gauge had 2 1/2 inches in it this morning. but today was cold. cold and windy. i planted a columbine a couple days ago when it was soooo warm and they predict frost in some areas tonight so i have to decide if it should be covered...and the plants i ordered came today!! i'm excited to get them in the ground. unfortunately i have to dig some sod first because these are for new beds. beds that don't yet exist. i did dig the outline of one the other day. the other one keeps shifting in my mind. maybe once i actually get behind the shovel it will all become clear. so if the weather cooperates this weekend should see a lot of changes in the local landscape. we need to mow. some spots in the yard need to be pulled up and reseeded. my bike has no front brakes. repairing it is also on 'the list' for this weekend. i would normally be riding to work by now, but it just hasn't fit into the schedule yet. and lets just make a brief mention of the bathroom waiting to be reassembled.....

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