18 April, 2008


how do you measure productivity?? we had a lovely spring day. there is work and plenty waiting for me in the gardens. but i had a call from 2 old lady friends - was i free for lunch?? 'lunch' for these 2 usually means a good 4 to 5 hours. the afternoon gone. was it really a choice?? we did lunch. and i saw several changes in both of them. slower, less steady gait. pauses in conversation - made light of with a cheerful "i'm thinking". so a well spent afternoon.
and tomorrow brings the state garden club convention. another lovely day spent inside - with an assortment of old ladies. their range of information is amazing. and oh the stories of hijinks from their youth!! the notecards pictured above are my contribution to the auction that is an integral part of these gatherings. equipment, plants, books, decorations are part of the offerings of the day. it is a fun way to pass along old/new treasures, raise money and share a laugh or two.

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Secondstreetdesigns said...

cute mom! maybe you should get your own little etsy shop!