21 April, 2008

end of a long week

well the convention is over and our club came home with several awards. unfortunately, my personal favorite was lost!! it was mailed with the others but apparently never arrived. the chair to whom it was sent will take another look - maybe it got buried under a pile of ....so that was a disappointment. and possibly my fault - i should have had delivery confirmation or something? a long day.
and yesterday i did get out in the yard and did some major clean-up. for whatever reason this year i seem to be so much more aware of how things are growing. it is just so fun to see the sprouting and the overnight spurts and measurable changes in how things look. i was amazed at how my peonies had shot up with 2 warm days in a row but i remember, as a child, going to this particular house and getting bunches of peonies and iris to take to the cemetery for memorial day. so i guess they're right on track...
had a call from jacob yesterday - sounds like they're doing well. kate has about a month left before finals. they've been able to enjoy the park/waterfront with good weather out there.

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