07 April, 2008

killing time

ah, a lazy monday morning....grandpa, aidan and charlie are downstairs playing together. happy voices floating up the staircase....naphtali is updating her site in the other room. i'm adding a brief post because the dishes are done, i've had my shower, caught up on emails.....naphtali has an interview at 1:00 so we're all just killing time....and with this morning's snow we're not inclined to go to the park or try aidan's bicycle or rake the nasty spot.....yesterday we enjoyed a lovely spring rain. aidan tried out his rain gear from kitty grandma. i picked up a couple things for the garden and am excited to get home and get started. also found some cute ideas thumbing through a couple books during some downtime before bed. and, of course, i'm going to spend some time editing previous blogs, adding photos. and the bathroom demo is still waiting. there's always something waiting.

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