15 April, 2008

new growth

in talking with my sister last night she was surprised to hear all that was growing here so i thought i'd put out a few more pictures. i found delphinium poking through yesterday. the peony tree is showing leaf bunches. my rosettes and dragons blood sedum are looking very healthy. autum joy sedum shares this long bed with iris and they are both up. another iris bed. columbine. and we're expecting a warm day so tomorrow they will all look different...i haven't cleaned out all the beds yet because we are still predicted to have some cold weather early next week. but i may try to get a start over the weekend.

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Secondstreetdesigns said...

it is because you must have put them align left. if you want them all centered down the middle, you have to center them, and if you want to be able to psplit them up and put comments between them you have to hit "none"