01 May, 2008

a break in the action

i saw a bald eagle - on the wing - tuesday. it was just above the other side of the road flying parallel with me, so i had a good long look at it. it happens so rarely that its a thrill when it does!!
got some plants in the ground yesterday. and i have time this morning to put in the last few but it is supposed to be cold/rainy (some say snow) tomorrow so i think i'll wait for saturday when its supposed to be 60 again.
tim surprised me with 2 bits of information last night. 1. he ordered the bathtub yesterday. it should be here wednesday of next week. 2. he's taking friday off.
with rain forecast for friday i had planned (and told tim this earlier in the week) to do some sanding and prep work in the bathroom that day. and you know how the dynamics of a free day change when you have to share the 'space' with someone else......so we'll see what tomorrow brings.
i finally have a color for the bathroom. so many different color schemes having been considered that i was beginning to think i'd never pull it all together. but i have. it started with a wallpaper. then a framed print . tim wanted a narrow tile border. he didn't care what or what color. i went to pick something out on tuesday. it was a daunting task. natural stone?? venetian?? colored ceramic?? i had no color at that point so i wasn't sure what direction to go. aargh!! i decided on a white 'chair rail'. it has a swoop to it - not just a flat tile. we had long ago decided on an 'effect' for the bottom part of the wall (but what color??!!) and with the chair rail - how about a wallpaper above?? and i found one. so with the color established i can begin to see the room in my mind's eye. something that's eluded me thus far. i'll stop and buy paint on my way to work after while. and now the details are just filling in......

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Secondstreetdesigns said...

you never told us the color scheme