20 May, 2008


aaaahhh i'm thrilled with how these turned out!!
another long, dirty, sweaty day of errands, dog, garden, mowing....but a fun phone call from pam in pennsylvania. another granddaughter has been added to the family. and a call from naphtali confirming plans for the weekend. (when i went in jacob had called and was on the cell with tim!) and at this point i just want a shower. i have clothes to fold and some mending to do and i'm too dirty to touch anything inside the house. i get in the door and what do i see but an unexpected pile of rhubarb that a friend dropped off while i was outside on the phone. wouldn't you know 2 of them are the perfect size and shape to cast. it's such a lovely night. it really was a lovely night. charlie's not ready to go in either. so, yes, i'll mix a batch of cement and process these 2 new leaves....
i finally got my shower. the clothes are folded, another load in the wash and i'm going to do that mending.

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Secondstreetdesigns said...

mom - they look so pretty! i can't wait to get mine! :)