19 May, 2008

the leaf castings turned out well enough that i'll give it another try.
i did make a couple more flat disks. they have leaves from my tree peony imprinted on them.
and the original rhubarb leaf flat. paint will be added on wednesday.
we had quite a weekend. mowing. garden and cement work. progress in the bathroom. water in the basement. we'd had heavy rain a week ago and had water in one corner - my sewing room - so everything had to come out. tim fixed the problem and this weekend i started putting evrything back. but in my mind as its already out it should be sorted, evaluated, shelves cleaned etc. a long job. but i have started. with tim in the middle of projects it's hard to knnow how involved in my own i can get. there was no point in doing my standard weekend cleaning,the water was off and on all day so no laundry, so i thought it would work well to start on the piles from my sewing room. well, then he realized that a book shelf would have to be moved so he could cut into the ceiling/floor to do the drain for the tub. so now i have to find space for the books off the shelf and the pictures off the wall. just keep adding to the piles - garage sale stuff. my sewing room stuff. and now books. lots of books. it is a big shelf. it all got done. and about 9:30 last night i thought it would be good to throw in a load of clothes....water everywhere. i'll spare you the details but we had water on the floor. again. i think we're both glad to be back at work today......


Secondstreetdesigns said...

they look nice mom!

afterthefall said...

Kate says she likes em too. I guess i do as well, lol.