18 December, 2008

photo ops

this is for those among us who like to see pictures included in a post.

i delivered my plates of goodies to the neighbors on tuesday and afterword realized that i had missed yet another photo op. the counter looked so festive laden with colorful plates. did i think to take a picture??

when i had my basket loaded ready to play red riding hood on her way out the door did i think to take a picture??

time doesn't permit much more for this morning's post but i will have more ....


Valerie said...

More non-photos? I liked your creative substitutes!

From your comment on my gecko post, I realized I had not told you I will not be in Iowa for Christmas. That wonderful cheap flight I emailed you about was gone when I returned to buy it 20 minutes later. Since then prices have ranged from $875 to $1203. Not going to happen! I have to be in Pella for a week in Feb (2/13-2/22) and again in March/April (3/28 to 4/8) and am planning to add some personal time on both ends of both trips. Otherwise, we may not see each other until Paris, January, 2010!

downthegardenpath said...

we'll miss you in the kitchen at donna's butlet me know if you manage the extra time for either of those trips and i could make an iowa run. i'm overdue at andrea's as well.