14 December, 2008

whose workshop ??

its beginning to look a lot like christmas.. (hum along)

my favorite embellish
ment- scribbles paint.
a dribble here, a swash there, you never know where it might turn up.
packages are getting wrapped.

cards are ready to be signed and addressed. and if i could get off the computer that just might happen yet tonight. i've updated the garden club website as well as checked in to see who has blogged what, done my emails...
it turned cccccold over night. containers of cookies have been moved to the garage and if it hadn't been so cold and blustery (charlie was actually blown over while in his 3 point stance this morning) i would have assembled and delivered plates to the neighbors today. that will be the plan for after work tomorrow night.
...everywhere you go...(keep humming)


Secondstreetdesigns said...

got your message. no problem, I wil pick one up. You can pay me whenever.

downthegardenpath said...