30 December, 2008

all over but the cryin'

we did have a memorable christmas. it's always a treat to see the kids and we were thankful that everyone made it safely through the snow and cold. this will be remembered as the year iva overnighted in the hospital with a TIA. the year of first tier relatives - i mean cordials and other pleasures to numerous to catalog.

aidan did well, made a haul and was ever hopeful that someone else maight need a hand opening their package. he was polite and excited and a fierce competitor when it comes to crazy 8s and uno.

james carried this back from china for me and i am looking for way to hang it in my office area. naphtali was very creative/generous and did justice to her handmade pledge.

jacob and kate supplied my day
dreaming fix. this book on monet has all sorts of enclosures chronicling (i did run that through spell check) his baptism, art shows, preliminary sketches etc. i'm thoroughly enjoying it.
tim takes the prize for the most unexpected gift - i have a lovely new laptop -many thanks - and of course a new project beyond the use of it. i have to organize and arrange my 'office space' ooh la la!!
so these next few days will be spent undecorating, storing, cleaning, daydeaming, writing thank you notes....

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Valerie said...

What lovely gifts! Yes, you do have some work ahead of you, but how fun!