04 December, 2008

over the river....

we had a good time up north with the kahls. naphtali took me along to northfield to drop off more of her bags and i can see why she likes carla's shop so much. it is a delightful place. i added a row to the world's longest scarf that customers can knit as they drowse in the very comfy rocker by the front door.
tim did a project for her. charlie had more than his fair share of attention. the food was great, conversation as you wanted it.aidan and i built a gingerbread house complete with mouse doors in the back. home again sunday to get a start on a busy week. we had snow from the cities to des moines but most of the traffic was going either north or east so it went about as fast/well as a 9 1/2 hour drive on a snowy winter day can go...
linden court is celebrating their 10th anniversary in north platte. tim was the dogsbody for those first couple days running several errands, picking up garland, wrapping packages, repotting plants. jack vetter, the owner, will be in town thursday to cap off a week of festivities and food. the mayor is coming out, the local tv station will be on hand. quite the shindig.
garden club met tuesday. i was puttering around the house thinking that i could get plenty done before the 2:00 meeting. i was ready to start a new project around 11:30 thinking that i had just over an hour before i'd have to clean up and get ready to leave when i realized that we were scheduled for 12:30 that day!! i made it. barely. it was so mild that day i did hang my bows on the shutters outside when i came home. my interior decorating has been done in fits and bursts but it is done.
the library is having their annual gingerbread house display and will be the starting place for the tour of homes this sunday. i've got my panels baked, my base is ready, i covered rocks this morning. assembly will start tomorrow for delivery on saturday. pictures will happen in a few days.
here we are, still relatively clean, at work on the ginger
bread house. the kit was actually easy to work with
this is iris and andy, foreign exchange students from the college.

and here you have aidan showing off his tree and a special ornament on the tree upstairs.