11 December, 2008

holiday statistics

we narrowly avoided becoming a holiday statistic today. we've all seen variations on the sad story each year.
tim had a 9pm meeting and so the debate was A: go in at the regular time, come home early, go back (something he hates to do) or B: go in late and stay. thankfully he decided on A.
i left for work just before noon and had barely registered an electrical(?)odor in the basement but had run the dryer earlier and passed it off.
tim called me at work around 4:15 to report that

this closet was full of smoke and

this plug on our heater was glowing red and

this outlet was going melty.

i'll let you all follow the train of events to its natural conclusion. and close by saying we are very thankful to have avoided the front page of the gothenburg times.
i will further add that i sure enjoy my 'van gogh of the day' gadget.


Valerie said...

Thanks for raising my heart rate this morning! So glad Tim was home. I would love to know more about the Van Gogh of the day!

Secondstreetdesigns said...

wow. that is scary! thanks for the reminder to double check that I unplug things.

downthegardenpath said...

my van gogh of the day gadget to the right of my blog entries....