25 February, 2008

four weddings and ...

we went to a wedding saturday afternoon. let's just say that you'll never see this one on my list of all-time favorite weddings. we also went to a wedding earlier in the month and that one was at least interesting. the groom is a cowboy. his friends and relatives are cowboys. they were dressed in jeans so dark and crisp i don't know how they avoided injury. there was no table for gifts but there was for hats. it was full. some sitting up and some turned over. and kerchiefs. bright, intricately folded and layered kerchiefs. i saw a belt buckle the size of a bread plate - how did that woman sit without risk to internal organs?? and it was a good wedding.
my son and daughter had very different weddings but for lovely and sweet - they'll continue to hold the top spot on my list of favorites.

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