13 February, 2008

a long weekend

i spent the weekend with my mom and sister in central iowa. it was a good trip. my sister - a self-proclaimed city girl is thriving on an acreage complete with cats, dogs and horses. i'll be making some curtains for the bedroom that she and mike have been working on. mike does beautiful woodwork. very meticulous. and oh! the closet he's building....
i also did several projects at my mother's. we got some shopping in, went through some old photos, enjoyed some cheesecake. it was cold. just plain cold. dropped in for what i though would be a good visit with my mother-in-law but it was snowing and i wasn't sure how far, how severe the snow would be so i left sooner than planned. i did make a stop - snow or no snow - at a shop in carroll. i look forward to stopping there whenever i pass through that way. i found some fun stakes (on sale no less!!) to add to my garden this spring. among the irises. spring will come.
charlie was glad to see me return home. tim, too.
unfortunately i'm home today with broncitis. a slight tickle in the back of my throat yesterday at 3:00, fever, chills, cough, aches by 10!! so a quick trip to the doctor this morning, medication and lots of sleep.

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