19 February, 2008

getting back in the swing of things

i had a phone call from a dear friend in pennsylvania tonight. it's always fun to catch up with the smith clan. which numbers 18 with the arrival of gracie!!
we missed a call from jacob the other day. i left him a message in return. we always look forward to his calls.
aidan called sunday.
it's been a slow week. i spent a few days down with bronchitis. i'm feeling better but not quite good. let's just say that i've done a lot of planning this past week. which did lead to the ordering of some plants today. i also looked at the site for my compost pile - hoping the ground would be soft enough to place some stakes - no go. so i'm back to a 5 gal bucket for awhile but i have a plan. i have a plan for the frustrating corner with the mailboxes that i hate to mow around. i have a plan for the cement block wall. from 2 different directions. i have plans that will keep me busy for quite some time. and that's just outside. i also have plans for curtains for my sister, some pillows. plans to copy some pictures of my dad from his childhood. plans to finish a book before i go to work tomorrow. plans - well - you get the idea....ah for a bit of motivation.

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