03 March, 2008

spring fever

march!! where did february go?? this was an "in like a lamb" and "lion" start for march. 70 degrees. light breeze. the next day we had snow, wind, travel advisories.... charlie had begun to gear up for his spring shed so tim decided to shave him early. last summer we did it for the heat and charlie was so much happier - it's a long ugly job. and we tied up the whole of a lovely saturday afternoon for it. a bath, too.
tim is in omaha this week for meetings at the home office leaving charlie and i to fill our time creatively. i've finally finished the curtains and pillows etc for my sister and mother. the last package left in the mail today. i have some sewing to do for myself this week. a couple books waiting for attention. garden club tomorrow. some shopping. spring projects calling my name.....

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