30 March, 2008

green grass

oooooh! it's just plain cold today!!
we enjoyed several good walking days in the last week. our lawn is turning green. i've been excited to see tulips and daffodils up about 3-4 inches. autumn joy sedum is peeking through. a peony has broken the surface. but, as this weekend has proven me right, its still too early to do a full scale cleanup of the leaves etc protecting some of this new growth. so i'm waiting. some days more patiently than others. and i have done some token clearing here and there. i checked the hens and chicks i propped along the cement wall as an experiment last summer and it looks as though they've done well over the winter and will start to fill in nicely...the pussy willow branches that i got from a friend have gotten "rooty" so they are in the ground. i'm not afraid to experiment....there have been "inside" projects that i've tried to get finished up in anticipation of warm days calling me outside....
the end of the week will find us in the northlands helping our grandson celebrate his birthday. how can he be turning 4?? we'll make a long weekend of it. i just hope their snow has melted.... charlie gets to go along and they usually make the offer that we could leave him there. not much chance of that. he's needed here.
the end of that week will see tim on his way to omaha for a few days of administrative work at the home office. he'll have time to unpack and catch his breath before a 3 day stint in kearney for meetings. i've got state garden club meetings in north platte in there sometime. and may doesn't look much better....

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