09 March, 2011

Watch this space

I'm going to buy balloons today.

I do feel rather wimpy in some of my recent responses to my circumstances - there are plenty of other stories to give mine some perspective.
But we all know that there are times that, regardless of what we all know, simply get the upper hand.
So I followed Bethany's example and bought myself some balloons.

I also took some to the library.  It was hard not to feel better when I saw the look on their faces!


Valerie said...

Good plan. Your life must be difficult right now. Things will get better.

Valerie said...

The Duchesse sold her house....I am taking this as a good sign that your house will also sell soon.

bethany said...

Buy the biggest, cheeriest balloon you can find, Ilona! Keep your chin up. :) Spring is coming, and hopefully soon the house will sell, and you and Tim won't have to be in a world of phone calls and weekend trips.

But for now...buy yourself that balloon. (Or flowers!)

downthegardenpath said...


I saw that post - Duchesse has sold their house - I'm looking forward to following the process as they remodel and move.

Thanks for the good thoughts but - hmm...aren't you the one that predicted a win in a recent giveaway!? Here's hoping you're right, this time.

Valerie said...

And did the balloons help you?

downthegardenpath said...

They did! Thanks for asking.
And, as I had the foresight to add some to the library's landscape, they are here to cheerme through a work day, as well.
Highly recommended!

On Second Street said...

ohh..... i wondered why it has been so quiet on your end! love the balloons! nice idea Bethany!