27 March, 2011

The proverbial lull

(sorry about the eyes...)

I truly enjoyed having Naphtali and Aidan here last week.  A fast moving Minnesota snowstorm kept them here an extra day.  With Tim in for both weekends it has been a bounty of family, good conversation, and fun.
I'm so glad they were able to visit!
I'm also glad I was about a week ahead on my studies - not much got done with all the distractions - meaning that now I'm pretty much right on track again.
With travel plans for the next two weekends I'll have to make every minute count this week.  (optimistic, n'est-ce pas?) 
Valerie will be in Iowa for a quick visit next weekend so my mother is trying to get all the girls together.  I'm sure there will be laughter and some wild scrabble competition.  My mother offered to let Charlie join us (!) but Tim said they would hang out together.  
The following weekend will find Tim, Charlie and I in New Brighton for Aidan's birthday.  
Busy, busy, busy.

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