30 March, 2011

A *Look*

I caught part of an fascinating program on PBS the other night. They were discussing the impact of Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden; their innovative market strategies, their whole woman approach (poise, carriage, health, as elements of beauty), and the adjustments required over such long careers.  

Every now and then the subject of creating/claiming one's signature *look* arises in an article or blog post.  Madame Helena definitely had a look.  It was distinctive, elegant and served her well at every age.

Over the years I have generally chosen the *no look* look as my look.  I've never understood the appeal to look the same every single day.   My hair is thick, wavy and adaptable and I have chosen to wear it in a variety of styles, sometimes from day-to-day.
Up: loose or sleek.  Down: straight, sleek, wild, restrained, or some combination of the above.  
Waiting for the last of this bad haircut to grow out I think I've reached the length where it will probably remain.  I do like my options, after all.

Madame Helena has caught my attention and I am actually thinking about thinking about cultivating a look.  In my mind the key to her look was it's timelessness.  Or appropriateness for any age. (On the opposite end of that idea I have to admit that images of June Allyson flash across my consciousness from time to time.)  I know that it involves more than just a hair style and both Arden and Rubinstein lived full and interesting lives which added to their appeal and stature as exemplars of beauty.

 I'm thinking about it. 

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