16 December, 2009


even though we all know traditions exist all through the year it seems that christmas brings them to the forefront. whether it is family gatherings, baking, mailing cards, whatever, we are too easily reduced to nostalgic marshmallows this time of year.

we will miss jacob and kate at our christmases this year.
with new jobs and time constraints they will stay in connecticut. while we want them to know they will be missed we also want them to know we're glad they won't be on the road dealing with weather and bad drivers. we further want them to know that we understand. there is no guilt/pressure being applied. catch your breath. relax. enjoy the opportunity to create some traditions of your own. we love you and look forward to the next time we can spend with you.

baking is an integral part of my seasonal traditions. you can see the official lefse process here.

here is a small glimpse of the spritz session. this had been my mother's press - you can see the bent handles

a treat from childhood, i'd always hoped to be the one to inherit the iron from our great aunt who brought a few of these on a plate of assorted goodies each year. imagine my dissapointment when i learned the krumkake iron belonged to her friend and we only got our few because they would mix and match batches.....
i finally bought my own.

kringla: no equipment - truly made by hand.

plates will be assembled and dispersed this weekend. with expectations high for family favorites at my mother's the rest will make their way to iowa.

tim and i made our traditional shopping run last saturday. i did most of my shopping online this year (which is pretty slick) but i do look forward to making a day of it with tim.

the jordisons will be breaking with tradition by moving the event to leslie's house which will allow some elbow room. each year we have such a turn-out. with maybe 1 or 2 exceptions everyone is there (usually around 25 of us)- a rare feat in any family. siblings, spouses, grandkids, greatgrandkids and an extra or 2 - crowded, loud fun. tim says we can take charlie along.
i'm not worried about space for him while there - what i can't process is where we will put him in the car!! suitcases, packages, food and one very large dog in my pt cruiser.....tim just keeps saying it will all work out.

i've squeezed some extra activities into my seasonal traditions this year. this morning i ordered textbooks. that was one 'submit order' button that made me grit my teeth! i'll be taking classes beginning january 11, starting with 12 credits for the first semester.

i hope your traditions are keeping you busy in a happy way!!


Valerie said...

I get a tingle just hearing about your back to school preparations. Will you be going to the same campus for the entire program? Will your work schedule continue to be the same? What is your snow plan? And most importantly, what are you going to wear your first day of classes?

downthegardenpath said...

oh bummer!! i hadn't given this any thought. my classes are all online so at this point, like the girl in the commercial, i can go in my pjs.....maybe i'll come up with something just to mark the event.

On Second Street said...

looks good mom! I totally forgot to make Kringla for James - thanks for hte reminder.

bethany said...

Goodness gracious, I cannot tell you how very much I am now craving EVERY baked good you just described in this post! Is there anything in the world more delicious than spritz cookies? I highly doubt it, and would fiercely challenge anyone who disagreed with me. :)

This is so very silly, but I had NO clue that you were Naphtali's mom until she mentioned it when we met last week for lunch! Gosh, I felt so silly! How did I not put that together?! :)

So, hello all over again! I think I can officially introduce myself as your daughter's friend :) We had SUCH a lovely time! :)