07 December, 2009

it's beginning to look a lot.....

we had snow again last night...-2 when tim left for work around 7:30 this morning. if this predicted storm happens as scheduled he'll overnight in north platte.
i did my christmas decorating this weekend and have cookies on the agenda for tonight. we'll see what the day brings. this morning i'm getting a box ready to send to jacob and kate. they won't be able to join us for christmas this year and will be sorely missed. i also wrapped my first packages for under the tree. (3)(packages, not trees)if nothing else it helped solidify the whatelsedoineedtoget refrain that has been running through my head....
decorating seems to diminish each year - not because i don't enjoy setting everything out but becaue i hate putting everything away when it's over- there are some favorite 'must haves' that will continue to find their way out of the storage tubs.
the old fireplace came with the house and i have so much fun hanging it with stockings.

this is something new i'm trying for this year. i love sparkly things and the combination of glass and 'crystals' reflect the lights and add a pretty glow to my kitchen.

so it's officially under way at my house. i should have carols playing while i bake tonight, a few last touches for decorating, a list to revise and cards to get started. our local pony express group will be riding with cards in a traditional saddle bag to get them stamped with a pony express delivery mark if cards are ready for collection by the 11th!! (poorly worded but watch to see what your envelope looks like!!)


Secondstreetdesigns said...

Looks nice mom. HOpe the test went well too.
James and I are making lefse tonight.... does that mean hell froze over?

Valerie said...

Everything looks lovely. And you are so organized!

downthegardenpath said...

ah! that explains the snow storm sweeping through the midwest....
the tests told me what i already knew. my algebra is sufficient for a 50 year old housefrau but not someone expected to take college level algebra. i'll need to fill in with an intermediary course. no surprise.
valerie -
organized!? you say the nicest things.