29 December, 2009

marking time

we're planning to head east thursday for a delayed christmas. in discussing our schedules for the week tim mentioned that he will be fixing/serving a meal for work wednesday night keeping him there late (8?9?) so he wasn't interested in leaving at 7:00 thursday morning. 7:00!?(yikes!) 8 sounded early to me.......

i'm still asking questions:

who else is cleaning/organizing/shifting things around to make room where there had been none??

my kitchen counters have been cleared.

all of this (well not the turntable-that's new, but once again i didn't think of 'before and after' til i was midway through the project)

came from here

aahhh - order.

i have tackled other cupboards and closets over the past few days, shifted some furniture, took a load to the goodwill, baked muffins - i'm quite pleased with myself actually.

we're looking forward to relaxing with family for a short couple days. i'm guessing there will be another round of shifting things when we get home.


On Second Street said...

mom, are you expecting that many gifts????

downthegardenpath said...

that many?? do i sound like i'm preparing for an avalanche?? isn't there always an element of clean and sort hovering in the background?? can't i simply be enjoying some productivity??